Офис-магазин: ул. Долгобродская 18/1 оф. 303

Режим работы: Пн-Пт 9-00 - 18-00

Моб. тел: 8-029-222-62-62
Тел-факс: 8-017-360-97-31

Display cabinets for router bits, cutter heads, drill bits with 220V header sign177

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1659 03.00.0042 120x45x223 3024 руб. Купить
1659 03.53.0017 270X209X1,5cm 36.85 руб. Купить
1659 700.300.00L HW 6 16000.75 руб. Купить
1659 900.021.00 HW 12 3440.93 руб. Купить
1659 900.300.00L HW 8 16000.75 руб. Купить
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This sturdy structure is hand-crafted using MDF, tempered glass and iron and is free-standing to offer 360° visibility and to give you the versatility of positioning the display anywhere you like in the store. The front is a convenient 2 component assembly. The two upper sections are designed to display 141 of the best selling router bits from the CMT router bits line and 20 corresponding spare partsВ В while 10 of the popular wooden box sets can fit perfectly in the lower section if required. Secured glass with key lock
В В 
В В 
Dimensions in cm.
В В 
В В 
Products shown in the images do not correspond to the actual products in the display cabinets (700.300.00L and 900.300.00L).
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